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Snoop Lion - Lighters Up (Featuring Mavado and Popcaan)

Okay Snoop Lion, if you’re going to do reggae/dancehall this sounds more like it. 

Source: SoundCloud / Major Lazer [OFFICIAL]

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Wauw, Halloween video for the kids by Snoop Dogg/Lion. Cute, sort of.

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Okay, after seeing this trailer I am really curious about Snoop Dogg’s aka Snoop Lion's journey through Jamaica and his new Reggae album. And wondering if he really isn't gonna rap anymore. 

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Snoop Lion

Okay, I love reggae. A lot! I’m a regular visitor of reggae festival Summerjam in Germany. But I really don’t know what to think of this track. Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion doing reggae. Vibes are good. Vocals, mwaahh. Probably have to listen to this a bit more in the sun.

Source: SoundCloud / Snoop Lion

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